Who We Are

Northland Chemical Inc. was originally founded by chemical experts who specialized in solving wastewater treatment problems that no other company could solve. For the past 35 years, Northland Chemical has continued its technical, chemical and innovation leadership in the wastewater treatment industry.

In recent years, Northland Chemical has evolved in a multitude of ways. Northland is no longer “just” a chemical solutions provider in the area of wastewater treatment. Northland has become equally adept at providing chemical solutions related to the treatment of drinking water, boiler feed water and cooling water. Additionally, representatives from Northland’s Added Value Consulting Division are available for hire to help your organization solve its challenging water treatment process issues. Our water treatment experts will collaborate closely with members of your team, will review your unique situation, and will then make personalized recommendations to keep your organization’s systems running cleanly and efficiently.

Finally, Northland’s business model has also evolved via the development of collaborative representation partnerships with industry leading manufacturers of fluid filtration as well as dust control & mitigation systems. Our business development responsibility for these globally positioned manufactures of technologically advanced process systems extends throughout North America. Northland has come a long way. Literally!

  • Northland Chemical Inc. Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Division
  • Northland Chemical Inc. Boiler Feed and Cooling Water Treatment Division
  • Northland Added Value Consulting Division
  • Northland Process Equipment Division

Our unique ability to rapidly adapt to changing technology and regulations makes the Northland Group your single source solutions provider for wastewater and drinking water treatment, boiler feed and cooling water treatment, collaborative process evaluation and improvement execution, as well as for turnkey process systems related to fluid filtration and dust control & mitigation. 



Environmentalist at sewage treatment plant