Tunneling is a process required for mining ores, for transportation (vehicles, trains, subways, etc.) and for creating canals for conducting water and sewage. Underground chambers, often associated with a complex of connecting tunnels and shafts, are increasingly being used for underground hydroelectric power plants, ore-processing plants, pumping stations, vehicle parking, storage of oil and water, water treatment plants, warehouses, light manufacturing, as well as for command centres and other special military needs.

Two streams of wastewater are produced during tunneling processes. Northland Chemical Inc. offers tunneling contractors chemical treatment solutions for these two wastewater streams. One of these streams is a heavy solids stream (> 5% solids) generated by from the operations of tunneling equipment. Northland Chemical supplies chemistry for dewatering sludge produced by centrifuges and other devices. The other stream is a more lightly contaminated liquid stream that needs to be clarified prior to discharge to a sanitary or storm sewer. Northland Chemical supplies suitable chemistry required for the clarification step. 

Changing the subject from wastewater treatment to tunnel ventilation, in all but the shortest tunnels, control of the ventilation environment is essential to provide safe working conditions. Tunnels may present hazardous conditions due to excessive levels of fugitive dust. Ventilation fans may sometimes be used to ventilate these tunnel areas, but will not remove the airborne dust particles before they enter the atmosphere. Dry collectors are inadequate as the dust particles may be wetted, clogging the bag filters and preventing them from pulse jet cleaning. This reduces the air volume within the tunnel and adversely affects the ventilation process.  

Englo dust extractors provide a much safer and cost attractive alternative to conventional tunnel ventilation practices. The “Easy Clean” extraction panel of the Englo dust extractor ensures the maintenance of consistent air volumes within the tunnel. The high extraction efficiency of the Englo dust extractor enables it to meet stringent EPA requirements for exhaust ventilation.