Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging manufacturers have to deal with two wastewater treatment issues. One is a color removal issue originating from printing press washdowns. The other is starch issue that is associated with the adhesives used in the manufacturing process. Starch is soluble and therefore gives rise to dissolved solids that have a high BOD level. Starch also carries a strong anionic charge, making the water difficult to treat. Northland Chemical has developed chemical products and treatment methods that are designed to deal effectively with the wastewater treatment challenges of corrugated packaging producers.

Northland Chemical offers corrugated product producers custom wastewater treatment programs that are tailored to their specific needs. We support our chemical supply programs with dedicated on-site service. Our Norfloc clay formulations can successfully treat flexographic ink and (corrugator) starch wastewater streams separately or together in any concentration. Our goal is to provide corrugated product plants with one single dry Norfloc clay formulation that can generate both CLEAR WATER, as well as sludge that can be easily dewatered (with our equipment if desired). Please click on the thumbnail in the YouTube video below to see how our Norfloc clay formulations can convert dirty flexographic ink and starch wastewater into CLEAR SEWER DISCHARGE-ACCEPTABLE WATER.