Sugar Processing

Northland Chemical represents Lenzing Technik GmbH of Austria in the North American sugar industry. In order to produce white crystalline sugar out of sugar beets or sugar cane, a variety of process steps are required. Along with extraction, purification, evaporation and crystallization, filtration represents one of the key processes in sugar manufacturing. 

Filtration is required for sugar streams like thin juice, thick juice and molasses to produce high quality sugar in an economical way. Furthermore, filtration is an essential process step in the area of water filtration for purification of condensate, wash water or cooling water. 

Lenzing Technik has been successful in the field of filtration for more than forty years and delivers remarkable benefits to the sugar industry with its uniquely designed OptiFil® and CakeFil filters. 

In addition to assisting sugar producers with their filtration applications, Northland Chemical can assist them with their low volume sludge/slurry dewatering applications. Depending on the application parameters, a potential dewatering solution may involve the use of a unique dewatering press having a single filter belt that folds vertically to form a cavity which contains the feed slurry. Conditioned slurry is fed into the cavity by means of pump or by gravity. The feed cavity serves as an initial dewatering zone permitting drainage of a large percent of free liquids. As the slow-moving belt progresses, the cavity closes moving the sludge through a series of compression rollers which apply a combination of pressure and shear to the solids. Liquid is driven from the sludge producing a filter cake. The cake is scraped from the filter belt and deposited into a dumpster for disposal to landfill or composting facility.

In wastewater treatment applications for which sludge dewatering is required, a folding belt press can be configured as a stand-alone treatment system without the need for pre-treatment by a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) clarifier used with conventional dewatering equipment. Wastewater can be pumped directly to the folding belt press and Northland Chemical’s treatment chemistry can be injected inline.