Tanker Truck Washing (In-house or Third Party)

Northland Chemical offers tanker truck washing facilities wastewater treatment programs that are tailored to their specific needs. We support our chemical supply programs with dedicated on-site service.

Northland Chemical Norfloc “clay” formulations can successfully treat food grade as well as non-food grade wastewater streams generated from internal and external truck washing and rinsing processes. Our goal is to provide truck washing facilities with Norfloc all-in-one clay formulations that can generate both CLEAR WATER, as well as sludge that can be easily dewatered (with our equipment if desired). Norfloc all-in-one CUSTOM-FORMULATED bentonite-based treatment clay can effectively deal with both variability of volume and wastewater characteristics typical of tank truck cleaning facilities. We can formulate Norfloc clay based on:

  • the products hauled
  • the amount of undelivered product (heel)
  • the cleaning procedure used and…
  • the number of tank trucks cleaned daily
Norfloc clay can treat wastewater streams containing high levels of biodegradable materials to:
  • food grade bulk liquids including milk and other liquid dairy, oils, sugar alcohols, juices, syrups and sweeteners, vinegar, citrus products, additives and preservatives to…
  • on-food grade bulk liquids including bulk chemicals, acids, plasticizers, solvents, etc.

Please click on the thumbnail in the YouTube video below to see how our Norfloc clay formulations can convert dirty food-grade and non-food grade wastewater streams from truck washing and rinsing into CLEAR SEWER DISCHARGE-ACCEPTABLE WATER.