Lenzing Filtration CakeFil Filter

The Lenzing CakeFil is a fully automatic cake-building tubular pressure filter. Captured solid contaminants can either be recycled or discharged as waste. The waste discharge is either pumpable (slurry) or in solid form following cake washing and drying steps. The geometry of the filter candles ensures the formation of a uniform cake that is required for fine filtration as well as for efficient cake discharge.

  • Particle capture down to 1 µm without filter aid, 0.5 µm with filter aid
  • Low residual moisture in cake to be discharged. Cake is dry to the touch. 
  • Throughput to 300 m³/h  
  • Efficient cake discharge 
  • Long filter service lifetime (annual servicing is typical)
  • Completely enclosed system having compact footprint
  • Integrated cake washing and drying
  • No operator intervention until unit needs to be serviced for maintenance purposes

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