Northland Added Value Consulting Division

Water and wastewater treatment are both an art as well as a science. Every service requirement is different, one from another. Every client has its own unique set of challenges and goals. In order for clients to overcome their treatment challenges or meet/exceed their treatment goals, they need to partner with a water and wastewater treatment consulting firm that has acquired knowledge and hands-on experience that literally spans decades. Welcome to Northland Chemical!

Northland Chemical technical representatives possess the experience and systems knowledge that not only allow them to carry out treatment processes themselves, they are also capable of educating others to do this themselves and do it well! Northland Chemical staff take a comprehensive approach during the water and wastewater treatment consulting process. Our services are tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Those needs will likely need to take into account the likes of system longevity, energy efficiency, manpower, Legionella, LEED (Green buildings), safety, as well as system operating specifications.

Northland Chemical will build a water and wastewater treatment consulting program that will both work well for your organization and is sustainable. We aim to leave you with the feeling that that you are receiving ALL of the services for which you are paying.

The Northland Chemical team is eager to work with your organization. We are able to meet all your needs for water and wastewater treatment consulting. Our team has years of professional experience and knows all the details of industry standards and regulations. Please contact Northland Chemical to schedule a water and wastewater treatment consultation today. You will be collaborating with the best and most motivated treatment consultancy in the industry.

Environmentalist at sewage treatment plant