Who We Are

Northland Chemical Inc. was originally founded by chemical experts who specialized in solving wastewater treatment problems that no other company could solve. For the past 30 years, Northland Chemical has continued its technical, chemical, and innovation leadership in the wastewater treatment industry.

Northland Chemical offers its clients chemical and mechanical solutions, in addition to providing wastewater treatment process consulting services. Our unique ability to rapidly adapt to changing technology and regulation makes Northland Chemical your optimal, single source wastewater treatment solutions provider.

Northland Chemical’s chemical formulations and programs are customized to your company’s unique wastewater treatment or industrial process challenges, rendering our solutions both effective and economical. Whatever your industry or water treatment need, Northland Chemical can serve it.

Northland Chemical’s portfolio of CUSTOM chemistries, tailored for your company’s requirements include:

  • Coagulants – for reduction, consolidation, and removal of suspended solids
  • Emulsion breakers – for separating oils, lubricants, and coolants from wastewater
  • Flocculants – for clarification, consolidating suspended solids and water conditioning
  • Polymers – for water clarification, filtration, organics removal, and sludge treatment
  • Special blends – customized to your water, facilities, and operations

Regardless of the type, difficulty or urgency of your wastewater treatment issue, Northland Chemical can solve it economically. We welcome the opportunity to deliver integrated waste water treatment solutions that keep your company in compliance and improve your company’s bottom line.

Contaminated waterest-tube with blue liquid isolated on white


Each industry faces its own unique wastewater treatment challenges. These challenges are influenced by the type of contaminants to be removed, variation of the wastewater throughout the production cycle, as well as the characteristics of the water from which the contaminants are being removed.



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Learn about applications for our wastewater treatment chemicals as well as our process systems by downloading our brochures, application case studies and questionnaires.