Metalworking and Automotive

Metalworking fluids contain surfactants that can make them difficult to treat. Each plant has a different blend of coolants, floor washing wastes and release agents that combine to make up the plant’s wastewater profile.

Northland Chemical has significant experience in treating these wastewater streams. They typically require customized chemical programs for their effective treatment.

In to being able to provide wastewater treatment solutions in the automotive industry, Northland Chemical can provide auto manufacturers with a very unique filtration solution relating to the purification of the contents of degreasing, phosphating and rinse baths associated with the E-Coat process.  Lenzing Technik’s OptiFil® automatic backwashing filter efficiently removes very fine solid contaminants (including glue residue and weld pearls) from bath solutions. Auto makers have historically relied on multiple filters and separators such as cyclones, magnetic separators, bag filters and  coarse automatic filters operating in series. The OptiFil® filter can perform the bath purification task of all of these devices on its own. Lenzing has numerous OptiFil® installations in different steps of the e-coat process.

Please download Lenzing’s Application Case Study entitled “Lenzing OptiFil for Auto Manufacturer E-Coat Bath Filtration”.