Englo Inc. Dust/Odor Control Spray Atomizers

EmiControls offers solutions for dust control and odor elimination for a wide and diverse range of sectors. Mobile and fixed dust-binding sprayers are as much a part of its repertoire as custom-built spray valve installations and complete dust-control systems.

The dust-control solutions developed by EmiControls generate a fine mist that dampens the dust, making it heavier and forcing it to the ground. It is essential for the water droplets to be small in size. Droplets of water that are too big such as those produced with a conventional hose are inefficient at suppressing dust. The available surface is smaller and the drops are heavier. They therefore only remain in the air for a short time and this significantly reduces their dust-binding potential. 

When the water is atomized to very small droplets, a large surface area is created. This is ideal for binding the dust particles. More dust can be controlled with less water. This principle is identical for all EmiControls dust control systems, whether it is a mobile dust-laying sprayer, a stand-alone spray system or a complete system. 

For odor control applications, we encourage your company to also consider an EmiControls atomizer. Unpleasant odors are regularly encountered in recycling and composting plants. When attempting to combat odors in an efficient manner, it is insufficient to simply mask the smell. A strong case can be made for eliminating the molecules that actually cause the foul smell. EmiControls offers two different solutions for deodorization. 

One solution involves AirPure odor destructive reagent which Northland Chemical distributes. This reagent is intended to be mixed with the finely atomized mist to combat the odor. It does not affect the natural decomposition process but merely neutralizes the unpleasant smell. The molecules carrying the unpleasant odor are bound by the compound, therefore the odor is no longer noticed. The other solution involves the addition of bacteria to the mist. This both eliminates the smell and accelerates the decomposition process. This solution is harmless to the environment. Both odor control solutions have proven to be extremely efficient and are used routinely by composting, recycling and biogas plants, as well as for material processing applications.

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